Texans Incorporated Reunion 2008
The Fourth Annual Texans Incorporated Reunion was a tremendous success. Held on November 8th at TexasBank in Bangs, Texas, employees and collectors came from all over to look, buy, sell or perhaps just to catch up with old friends. The coordinator of these events, David Cole, likes to feature a certain line of Texans' products each year to receive extra attention, and this year it was the TV lamps, the products for which the company is best known.
David and his wife Martha always put together a terrific display, but this year was particularly outstanding. Just about all of the Texans TV lamp styles were represented, displayed on tables in chronological order. A folder placed in front of each lamp gave visitors a chance to read more about each design. Besides the TV lamps on display, another room featured poster-sized enlargements of vintage newspaper articles and yet another room was filled with lamps available for purchase.
As one would expect, many former Texans Incorporated employees were present, including Pete and Evangeline Eads, Karlene Wadsworth, Jean Fitzgerald, Donna Allen, Richard Gunter, Floyd Thomas and Jim Hunter Jr.  Gene Deason from the Brownwood Bulletin was present, covering the event as he's done each year. Thanks Gene!

Richard Gunter autographs a bicentennial lamp for David Cole.

Billy and Tina Jo Bowman brought several of their lamps to display.

Snacks and refreshments were provided. The "centerpiece" is a rare cookie jar designed by Howard Kron for Gilmer Potteries.

Surrounded by better-known TV lamps is the extremely rare Early American TV lamp.

Richard Gunter's mushroom lamp, this one with an unusual tera-cotta finish.

Pete and Evangeline Eads chat with Donna Allen.

My wife Scherrie discusses the authenticity of a ceramic boot with Pete Eads.

David Cole talking with Jim Hunter Jr.

Jean Fitzgerald, Richard Gunter and Karlene Wadsworth talk about old times.

Howard Kron's Madonna table lamp displayed with a preliminary sketch for the design.

Lamps for sale!

Still more lamps for sale.

I found this lamp to be rather odd, but Richard Gunter explained that it is incomplete. A large fiberglass cone originally rose up from the center, making it a very tall lamp.

Some of the early TV lamps, their designs having been brought to Texans from Mayfield, Kentucky.

Bobby Windham Dean tells of the day her finger got stuck while finishing a panther lamp. That story always draws a crowd!

David brought an owl with a great amount of detail. It is probably an extremely early impression.

David and Richard study the old newspaper articles.

Billy "Wild Bill" Bowman, Scherrie Stevens and Tina Jo Bowman.

Richard signing yet another lamp, this one for David's sister, Eva. (on right)

Charles Yates and Scherrie, "Isn't that supposed to be the back of the lamp?"