Mar-Lita Documents

This collection of documents all pertain to the establishment of the Mar-Lita Lamp Corporation. Conceived in conjunction with Texans Inc., Mar-Lita was founded by Hugh Gantt who, with several of his employees from Mayfield, Kentucky, came to Bangs to help design, build and operate the lamp factory. Mar-Lita was a separate legal entity, the purpose of which was to purchase all of the output from Texans, manufacture shades, then assemble and sell the finished products.

The copies of these documents are extremely difficult to read, even more so than the Texans Inc. incorporation pages, but I have tried to decipher the pertinent passages for inclusion here. The documents, as I have received them, are rather disjointed, redundant, and difficult to interpret, but many significant facts can be found within their content.

From page 1:


CAPITAL STOCK:  $                  
NPV SHARES:  12 shares npv com.   
FILING FEE:  50.00     
FRANCHISE:   Bond      
SHARES:     12 (?)s, npv com.     
PAID IN  $    1200.00        

From page 2:

The State of Texas

Secretary of State

This is to certify that MAR-LITA LAMP CORPORATION incorporated under the laws of Kentucky has this day complied with the laws governing the admission of foreign corporations to transact business in Texas, and is hereby granted a permit to transact the following business for a period of ten years from this date: to transact any manufacturing business, and to purchase and sell goods, wares and merchandise used for such business together with such further rights and privileges as are conferred on foreign corporations by the laws of Texas, subject to compliance with the Constitution and laws thereof.
Dated, signed and sealed at Austin, Texas, this 10th day of June 1952.

From page 3:

a. The home office of said corporation to which all notices from the Secretary of State are requested to be mailed is 716 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky.

b. The stockholders of the corporation are resident citizens of the State of Kentucky.

c. The corporation now has permits to and is transacting business in the State of Kentucky.

d. Its business in the State of Texas is to be transacted at Bangs, Brown County, Texas.

e. The name of the manager or person in charge of said Texas business or agency will be T.M. Young, Bangs, Brown County, Texas.

The number of the directors of said corporation is three and the names and residences of its present board of directors are as follows:


Y. Peyton Wells
Darrell E. Wells
Lee Wells
Residence and Address

Warrior Road, Louisville, Kentucky
223 North Hite, Louisville, Kentucky
Indian Hills Trail, Louisville, Kentucky

From page 4:

c. The amount of the PAID IN CAPITAL STOCK of the authorized capital stock is:

Non Par Value Common: 12 shares, $100.00 each

d. The amount of the AUTHORIZED CAPITAL STOCK PAID IN CASH IS $1200.00

e. Attached hereto and made a part of this application is a verified statement of the assets and liabilities of the corporation.

We and each of us do solemnly swear that the facts set forth in the above and foregoing application for a permit to do business in Texas are true and correct.

Subscribed and sworn to this the 30th day of April 1952

Y. Peyton Wells, President
D. E. Wells, Secretary



From page 7:


I, Charles K. O'Connell, Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, do hereby certify that, according to the records in the office of the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, MAR-LITA LAMP CORPORATION is a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, having been granted a charter on February 20th, 1952, with perpetual existence; that it has filed all reports and paid all fees due and owing to the office of the Secretary of State of the Commonwealth of Kentucky to date; and is, therefore, in good standing at the present time.
I further certify that no amendments have been filed to date. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my official seal, at Frankfort, this 13th day of May, 1952.

From page 10:


That pursuant to the laws of the State of Texas, Mar-Lita Lamp Corporation, a corporation, duly incorporated under the laws of the State of Kentucky, acting herein by and through its President, and Secretary, and certifying their action herein is authorized by the Board of Directors of this corporation, does hereby appoint and designate T.M. Young whose address is Third Street, Bangs, Texas, a resident citizen of Texas, its true and lawful service agent in Texas, upon whom process may be served in all suits, proceedings and causes of action, pending or that may hereafter be filed in the State of Texas, in which this corporation is a party or is to be made a party; this corporation hereby consents to the service of process upon said agent, and he shall be deemed as the service agent of this corporation for all intents and purposes, as contemplated by the statutes requiring such designation and appointment, and service of any process, pleading, notice or other paper upon said service agent shall be taken and held as due service on this corporation.
In the event this corporation withdraws from the State of Texas, or ceases to transact or do any business in the State of Texas, it shall continue to keep and maintain such service agent upon whom service of process, pleadings, and papers may be made until the Statutes of Limitation shall have run against anyone bringing an action against this corporation which accrued prior to its withdrawal from the State of Texas.

In Testimony Whereof, this corporation has caused this instrument to be subscribed and attested by the aforesaid officers and its corporate seal affixed hereto on this the 30th day of April, 1952.
Y. Peyton Wells, President
ATTEST:   D. E. Wells, Secretary