The goal of this website is to be a comprehensive historical archive of Texans Incorporated. Originally slated for publication in book form, I decided that texansinc.com would make the data more readily accessible as well as allowing for inclusions and revisions. The purpose of the site is twofold, to preserve the history of Texans Inc. as well as to serve as a reference for collectors of the lamps and other products of the company. This is, and probably always will be, a work in progress, with additional text and photos added on a regular basis. I gladly accept suitable articles and photos for inclusion here on texansinc.com.

I wouldn't attempt this project without the help of many that share my enthusiasm for the lamp factory. These include David Cole, a great friend both to me and to the community of Bangs. His unerring passion for preserving history undoubtedly fueled my decision to create this website. Former Texans employees, including Pete and Evangeline Eads, Floyd Thomas and many others, provided a valuable window into the past. I particularly owe a debt of gratitude to Richard A. Gunter, whose recollections are a priceless treasure.

This website is dedicated to my father, H. Douglas Stevens.
Thanks Pop, for a beautiful life.